Double Sided Fishing Magnet 600lbs


Do you enjoy to look for buried treasures and other exciting stuff?
Explore riverbanks, lakes, and other places with our reliable Double Sided Fishing Magnet 600lbs, a strong and reliable magnet that can help you reduce your chances of losing your stuff, while increasing your chances of finding more!

  • POWERFUL MAGNET - Specifically designed for retrieving any items in rivers and for magnetic fishing, this tool has a double sided pulling force of up to 600LBS or 300kg. Each side then has the capacity of 330LBS or 150kg. It also has a 60mm diameter and 30mm thickness to add to its power.
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND STRUCTURE - The Magnet comes with 2 eyebolt rings and countersunk holes was designed in the middle and side of the magnet for a more powerful functionality. One magnet provides twice the surface area to catch targets. It is easy assembled with eye bolt screws directly into steel base.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - You may utilize it for lifting, hanging, retrieving items that may have fallen under the gutter and other industrial use. Keep it in your toolboxes as a gadget to hook any object.

Extreme Super Powerful
Magnetic Pulling Force

Take the burden away from carrying heavy objects with this quality and convenient contraption. This lightweight tool is the ideal solution for fishers or treasure hunters desiring maximum performance, functionality, and productivity.

Treasure hunting in the river or sea and you never know what you might find! All you need is a strong rope and you’re ready to go, you might get lucky!

The unique magnet comes with an eyebolt ring and countersunk holes were designed in the middle and side of the magnet for a more powerful functionality. A combined pulling force of 600LBS you are bound to strike treasure! So if you are looking for a convenient way to fish, this will surely be a fun tool to have.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Fishing Magnet 600lbs